Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And the Winners Are...

The results are in! We have received a total of 54 entries but only 3 will take home free seats for the upcoming How To Be Truly Rich Seminar

And the Winners Are:

1. Rej >> Entry from Rej: The Ups and Downs of Taking Risks

2. Ryan B. Rillorta >> Ryan's Entry: I Invested 350.00 Pesos to Become Truly Rich!!!

3. Jeanette Rosales >> Jeannette's Entry: Bankrupt at 55, Successful at 65

Congratulations to all the winners! An email with instructions on how to claim the prize will be sent within 24 hours.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Annette's Entry: Creating Abundance – Financially and Spiritually

Here's an entry from Annette Adamos:

What does it mean to create abundance anyway? Is it making a lot of money? Is it spending quality time with family? Is it having a lavish lifestyle? Is it having a great relationship with God?

THAT is a lot to discuss in one blog post, but allow me to give it a shot…

The Typical…
I learned the concept below in one of the many workshops that I have attended, and it goes something like this:

When you’re young, as in less than 20 years young, you’re active and HEALTHY. You got lots of TIME in your hands, but you don’t have your own MONEY – your parents support you as you study.
After graduation, you start working so you do have MONEY. You’re active and HEALTHY, but you simply do not have the TIME as your job eats up most of your regular days and even some weekends. You do this routine for 4 decades (that’s 40 years!) – starting around age 20 until 60.
By the time you reach 60 or 65, you’re expected to have MONEY set aside to retire comfortably. The amount should be good enough to last you 20 years, this is TIME that you now have if you live until about 80. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be in good HEALTH, because you were so busy the past 40 years that you forgot to take care of yourself!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ryan's Entry: I Invested 350.00 Pesos to Become Truly Rich!!!

Here's an entry from: Ryan B. Rillorta

Let me be a bit off-topic today. I know this has nothing to do with your plans of buying a condo. But since I always put in the phrase, “Live a beautiful life!” in all my researched blog posts, I know that this will inspire you to realize that God wants you to think BIG dreams because He has GRAND plans for each and every one of us. He wants us to live a beautiful life.

My Story

I was then nearing the age of 30, working as a QA Specialist in a call center. My life was a cycle of going to work, relaxing at home watching TV or playing games on the computer, playing drums with my band in non-paying gigs and spending my salary before I even get it. Since I graduated from college, I thought life was just about getting a job and trying to climb its ladder of success while raising a family on the side. I never had thoughts of making definite plans for me and my family’s future because I was living life like what most of the people around me does – Passively.

Amidst my so called passive life, I felt something was wrong deep within me. Somehow I felt that there is an emptiness inside me that needs to be filled. I realized that I’m not happy with the way things are turning out in my life. My credit card debts are rising, I have mediocre relationships, I have low self-esteem and I don’t have a strong faith in God. There is a strong urge inside me to change but I didn’t know how. I began to pray, “Lord, lead me to where You want me to be. To where You think I truly belong”. This has been my usual prayer ever since.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Malou's Entry: The Promised Land

Here's an entry from Malou Coronacion Flores:

I was on my way down to Manila from Baguio last week for a business meeting and I decided to make good use of my travel time by listening to Bo Sanchez's "Define your Wealth." In it, he was talking about being good goal setters, yes, we learned all about how to set goals, and that God has given us the power to change whatever it is we want to change in our lives. Amen!! I so believe that, God has given me the power to change my financial life. But I have been setting goals since...since when....6 years ago? or 10 years ago? It seems like forever....forever, when I first heard God tell me that I will be in the 'promised land'....that promised land of "prosperous plantations where there are showers of blessings" (Ezekiel 24), that 'promised land' of amazing abundance. But until now, I have been wandering...and wondering...where is that promised land? When will I ever arrive?

I have always been hardworking (I have to be, being a single parent of 3 children, I cannot afford not to be hardworking), so my God cannot fault me for that. I invest in my financial education, I have a vehicle to use to go to that promised land( I really believe that the insurance company I work for now is a very good vehicle for me to fulfill my dreams). Then why??? Why is it that until now, I am still searching for my promised land? Is it because I haven't learned the lessons that my God wants me to learn? You see, I wasn't always like this. I grew up in a comfortably rich family, my dad was an executive in one of the country's biggest bank. When I was 24, I married into a rich family (it just so happened:). I had a job teaching Philosophy, not because I needed to work, but my reason was for my self development. But when "the separation" with my husband happened, that's when my 'desert experience' began. Desert experience because there is poverty, there is wanting. At the beginning, since this is a new experience for me, I prayed that I will learn whatever I can from this experience, "nanamnamin ko" were my exact words, until such time that I get out from this desert. But it has been 10 years, since I started my journey to the promised land, when will I arrive there? Or will I ever?

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Jeannette's Entry: Bankrupt at 55, Successful at 65

Here's an entry from Jeannette Rosales:

He just turned 67 last October 30. How grateful I was on that day, and been thanking God the whole day for another birthday celebration we're giving for my Dad, who is still strong and healthy for his age. Yes, sometimes he has some bouts of his allergies but through God's grace he 's able to manage it and still is motivated, inspired and focused to work in the wee hours of the night, until even the sun shines on his ever proud forehead.

The Passion
You're probably guessing what does he do. No, he's neither a security guard, nor a call center agent to be working that late. It's his own business he's working for. I remember when he told me 5 years ago, " I'll never stop working to the last of my breath". However, knowing he's on his sixty's, I would rather like to see him resting and enjoying the prime of his life than still working late in the night....and my mom told me then," your father's passion is work, so just understand."

It is only when I've read "8 Secrets of the Truly Rich" and some more books of Bo Sanchez , that I've totally understood about my Dad's passion . His passion to work, to pursue his dream and to become successful once again.With that understanding about my Dad , within me also blossomed a deep admiration to him that he was able to get up and walk again from the fall of bankruptcy in our bakery business which had been our bread and butter for years while the eight of us , their children were heading up to school everyday. Some of us now have our own family life and we have finished our schooling through all the efforts of my Dad, together with my Mom.

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